Privacy Policy

1. Gooroomee Privacy Policy

‘Privacy Policy’ refers to the guidelines that the company must comply with and enables users to use the service with a relief. Gooroomee provides the policy in compliance with the relevant statutes and privacy regulations that information and communications service providers must comply with in the Republic of Korea. Gooroomee collects, uses, and provides personal information based on the user's consent. Gooroomee Privacy Policy applies to the all of the provided services, including Gooroomee Camstudy and Gooroomee Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Service"). However, if the certain service among them operates it own privacy policy, the individual privacy policy will have precedence over this guideline.

2. Collection of Personal Information

The company collects the minimum amount of essential personal information to provide the service.
When signing up or using our services, the company collects the essential personal information at the minimum to provide the service through the website,each application or programs.
Some services may collect additional personal information with the user's consent in order to provide users with tailored functions.
Required Information : Information needed to fully provide the Services
Optional Information : Additional information collected to provide more personalized services (There is no restriction in using the service even if you do not enter optional information.)
[Collected Personal Information for Gooroomee Membership]
Required Information
E-mail, Password, Name (nick-name), Friends list, Contacts, Service Usage History, In-Service Purchase and Payment History
Optional Information
Profile photo, Date of Birth, Gender, Postal Address (recipient's name, address, contact number)
[Collected Personal Information for Verification]
Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, Telecommunication Provider, Local citizens/Foreigner Status, Encoded Identification Information (Connecting Information, hereinafter "CI"), Identification Information of Overlapped Membership (Duplication Information, hereinafter "DI")
[Collected Personal Information with the consent of a legal representative]
The legal representative information (Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, Telecommunication Provider, Local citizens/Foreigner Status, CI, DI)
[Collected Personal Information for Paid Services]
Credit Card: Card Number (partial), Card Issuer, etc.
Mobile Phone: Mobile Phone Number, Payment Reference Number, etc.
Bank Transfer: Account holder's Name, Account Number, Bank Name, etc.
Voucher: Voucher Number, Issuer ID
[Collected Personal Information for Refund]
Bank, Account Number, Account holder's Name, E-mail
[Collected Personal Information for issuing Cash Receipts]
Mobile Number, Cash Receipts Card Number
[For Customer Center Service]
The company may collect additional personal information for processing Customer Center Service
Separately Collected Personal Information Items by services
Gooroomee Camstudy ————————- Gooroomee
[Required] IP address, Cookies, Service Usage History, Access History, Network Type, Device Information (device information, operating system information, web browser type and version information, camera name and ID, microphone name and ID)
Additional Collected Personal Information Items for Customer Center Service
Gooroomee Camstudy ————————— Gooroomee
<Ask/Report> • - Customer Center: Gooroomee Account, E-mail, Calling Number <Report of Defamation/Privacy Infringement/Copyright Infringement> • - Request to block post: Applicant Information (Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, E-mail or Fax Number, Nickname, Copy of masked ID Card) • - Power of attorney (reporting by representatives): Information of the delegating and delegated person (Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, Copy of masked ID Card) <Request Explanation for Defamation/Privacy Infringement> • - Request to restore posts: Name, Date of Birth, Mobile or Phone Number, E-mail, Nickname <Request Explanation for Copyright Infringement> • - Request to resume duplication and transfer: Requester/Representative Information (Name, Date of Birth, Phone Number, Email, Copy of masked ID Card) <Request to exclude an access of my posts> • - (Applying by users) Request to exclude an access of my posts: Requester Information (Name, Mobile Number, E-mail or Fax Number, Copy of masked ID Card), Personal Information contained in the evidence demonstrating requester published the posts • - Requester Information (Name, Mobile Number, E-mail or Fax Number, Copy of masked ID Card), Designator Information (Name, Mobile Number, E-mail or Fax Number, Relationship with the requester, Copy of masked ID Card, Proof of relationship (Family Relation Certificate, Certificate of Death, etc.))
The method of collecting personal information is as following :
In principle, when collecting the personal information, the company notifies users in advance and ask for the consent and collects them through following :
Users consent the collection of personal information and enter the information oneself.
Providing personal information from affiliated services or organizations
Websites, E-mail Fax or Contact Number for the Customer Center Service
Participation in online or in-person events
The company obtains the consent of a legal representative before collecting personal information of users aged under 14.
The company may require the minimum information such as the legal representative’s name contact number to the users aged under 14 and obtains the consent of representatives in the following methods :
Verifying the identity through the representative’s mobile phone authentication.
Providing a written agreement to the legal representative and submit it with a signature
In addition, the legal representative is informed about the consent in ways equivalent to above methods and expresses a will of content.
The collected personal information from users is as following when using services :
In the process of using PC web and mobile web/app, Device Information such as (OS, screen size, device ID, mobile model, device model), IP address, Cookies, Access Date and Time , Illegal Usage History and Service Usage History may be automatically generated and collected.

3. Use of Personal Information

The information is used for member management, providing or improving services, and developing new services.
Members Identification, Confirmation of intention to join, identity and age, Prevention of illegal use
Confirmation of the legal representative’s consent when collecting personal information of those under aged 14 and Verification of the legal representative when exercising the rights.
Providing functions such as sending messages between users, registering friends, and friend recommendation
Providing functions such as notifying friends about activity history, searching or registering other users.
Development of new services, Providing various services, Management of inquiries or complaints, Delivery of notices.
Fees settlement for contents or others transfer in paid services
Prevention and Sanctions against acts interfering the service operation (inc. stealing account and fraudulent use, etc.)
The information is used for customized content recommendation and marketing through estimating demographic characteristics and user interests, preferences, and tendencies
Improving voice command processing and voice recognition, Providing personalized services
The information is used for Service Usage History, Statistics on access frequency and service use, establishing of service environment in terms of privacy protection, and improving services.
The company may use and provide user’s personal information for additional purpose.
To the extent reasonably related to the purpose of collection, personal information may be used or provided to a third party without the user's consent in accordance with laws and regulations.
Gooroomee may use the pseudonymized personal information for statistical report, scientific research and public recordkeeping.  The pseudonymized information is storedand managed separately from additional information not to be  re-identified, and the company takes necessary technicalandadministrative protection measures.

4. Disclosure of Personal Information

Gooroomee does not provide users' personal information to third parties except cases with the user's consent or stipulated in the law.
Gooroomee does not provide personal information to third parties without users’ consent in advance. However, when a user logs on the Gooroomee account or uses external partners’ service, personal information is provided to a third party in the necessary extent after obtaining the user's consent in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization. In addition, personal information may be provided overseas with user’s consent for the overseas services, and when transferring overseas, the company obtains the separate consent  by notifying users about the information recipients and the transfer country.
The Personal information is provided to a third party with users’ consent
Information provided
Send E-mail, Marketing
Toss payments
Name, E-mail, Mobile Number, Card Issuer, Card Number, Payment Information
Fees settlement for the purchase and use of paid services
Munjanara Ltd.
Name, E-mail, Mobile Number, Device Information
Customer Center operation, Customer consultation, Marketing
Name, E-mail, Mobile Number, Device Information
Customer Center operation, Customer consultation, Marketing
Channel Talk
Name, E-mail, Mobile Number, Device Information
Customer Center operation, Customer consultation, Marketing
Giftishow Biz
Name, E-mail, Mobile Number
Shipping companies
Shipping Address Information
Storage and Delivery of orders and event prizes

5. Destruction of Personal Information

When the purpose of its collection and use has been achieved, the company destructs the collected personal information without delay, and the procedure and method are as following:
When the purpose of its collection and use has been achieved or any reason of destruction such as withdrawal of membership occurs, the method of destruction is determined considering the form of personal information. When the information is electronic, the company deleted the information safely not to be recovered or reproduced and when the information is recorded on printed materials,the company destructed the information through shredder or incineration.
According to the internal policy, the destructed information  after a certain period of time is as following:
1) The following information is stored for up to 1 year from the date of withdrawal and then destructed.
The company stored the Gooroomee account and encoded email address for the withdrawal guide to send instruction mails and respond to Customer Service inquiries.
Records of Fraudulent Use
2) Gooroomee Camstudy, Gooroomee: When users protection measures is mitigated, the collected personal information will be stored for a year and then destructed.
Encoded Identification Information (CI)
In addition, Gooroomee separately stored or deleted the information of users who have not used the service for 1 year in accordance with the Expiration System of Personal information. In this case, personal information which is stored separately will be destructed after four years.

6. Establishment, Operation and Rejection of Automatic Collection Device of Personal Information

Cookies may be installed and operated to provide web-based services.
The company uses cookies to support quick and convenient website use and to provide users with customized services.
When a user accesses a website, Cookies is stored on the user's PC as a very small text files sent to the browser of the user.
The company uses cookies storing and importing users’ information frequently to analyze users’ access frequency and provide customized services.
When a user visit the website, the website server reads the stored cookies of the user’s device to maintain the user's preferences and provide customized services.
Rejection to collect cookies
Users have the option for cookies installation, and can allow or reject cookies through cookie settings in the ‘Settings’ menu at the top right side of the browser. > In the ‘Privacy’ section,> Cookies and other websites data’. Provided that, if the user rejects cookies installation, it may be difficult for that user to use the website with a convenience and to use the parts of services or customized services provided by the company.

7. Measures for Security of Personal Information

Gooroomee has observed legal requirements in accordance with Personal Information Protection Act to manage users’ personal information safely and confirmed the information through internal and external inspection within a regular period.
The company minimize the number of people who have access to personal information.
The company designates employees who can access personal information and establishes systematic standards for the database system storing personal information and the right to access the system,limiting to the person in charge.
The company provides regular training to our employees on the protection of users' personal information.
The company provides regular training on obligations and security of personal information protection for all employees who process personal information.
The company encodes users' personal information.
The user's personal information is transmitted through encoded communication interval, and important information such as passwords is encoded and stored.
The company is trying to protect the information against hacking and computer viruses.
The company installs security programs and updated the program periodically to prevent the users’ information from leakage or damage by hacking or computer viruses.
The company keeps a record of the access to the personal information processing system.
The record of access to the personal information processing system is kept and managed for at least 1 year, and are confirmed and reviewed once a month (the second business day of each month) by the personal information protection manager and reported to the person in charge of personal information protection.

8. Contact Information for Privacy Protection Officer and Responsible Department

Gooroomee is responsible for the personal information management, and designates a person in charge of personal information protection as following  to manage personal information processing-related complaints and damage relief of information entities.
Contact Information for Privacy Protection Officer and Responsible Department
Officer: Park Ju-min
Departments: CE
Inquiry: +82-1833-9229 (Customer Center)
For all personal information protection-related inquiries and complaints in using the Gooroomee services, please contact the personal information protection officer and Customer Center.

9. Public Notice Before Modification of Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy may be amended for the purpose of reflecting changes in laws or services. If the privacy policy changes, the company will notify you of the change at least 7 days in advance.
However, the company will notify the users of significant changes in the rights such as collected items of personal information and Purpose of Use at least 30 days in advance.
Announcement date: April 18, 2023
Effective Date: May 12, 2023