Gooroomee Comprehensive Terms of Service

Chapter 1.

Article 1. Purpose and Definition

Gooroomee Inc. (hereinafter the ‘Company’) has established ‘Gooroomee Comprehensive Terms of Service’ (hereinafter the ‘Terms) to enable service users (hereinafter ‘You’) to enjoy more convenient Gooroomee Camstudy and Gooroomee Service (hereinafter the ‘Comprehensive Service’). You can sign up and use the Comprehensive Service by consenting to THIS Comprehensive Terms of Service. provided, however, that even with the foregoing consent, you shall automatically subscribe to no service provided by our affiliates or third parties and in the case of paid services provided by the company, a contract for using paid services is established between the company and you once you have agreed to the separate paid terms and conditions. THIS Comprehensive Terms of Service prescribes general provisions about the rights, duties and responsibilities, terms of use, and procedures required in use of the Service.
Gooroomee Service: refers to the services 1) provided under the brand of Gooroomee (ex. Gooroomee Camstudy) or 2) associated with Gooroomee account
10. Individual Service: refers to brand units constituting the comprehensive service(ex.Gooroomee Service)
Sublevel Service: refers to a particular sublevel service that is part of any Individual Services. (ex. paid services in each Individual Service, Gooroomee Camstudy and Study Room or Chats in the services)
10. Users: refers to users in brand units constituting the comprehensive service (ex. Gooroomee Service)

Article 2. Definition of Terms

The Terms herein shall be defined as following:
Gooroomee Camstudy
Gooroomee Camstudy” (hereinafter ‘Camstudy’): refers to media platform which provides services to users who prepare a lecture to arrange virtual classes or to share the video each other when studying through camera on PCs and mobile.
Host: refers to users who arrange public or private study in the service.
Gooroom: refers to available points in a purchase under sublevel service of Camstudy.
Paid Gooroom: refers to charged points that users paid for to the company.
Unpaid Gooroom: refers to others except Paid Gooroom
Gooroomee: refers to Chats with friends and AI and Video Call services.
Watchparty refers to chat functions sharing YouTube Video with other service users.
Lightening: refers to sending push notifications for requesting video call to the registered friend.

Article 3. Effect and Modification of Terms and Conditions

① This Terms and Conditions shall be posted in the relevant pages of the Comprehensive Service, and shall enter into force between the Parties that have consented here to.
② The company, if deemed necessary, can modify this Terms and Conditions within the scope not contravening the relevant laws and regulations. In such case, the amended contents shall be announced or notified by the Company at least 15 days prior to the effective date. If the foregoing modification unavoidably operates to your disadvantage, the company shall individually transmit the notice thereon, at least 30 days prior to the effective date, to our email address via email or to your mobile phone number via text messages (unless you have any email address, other electronic methods including electronic notice or pop-up message in the Service shall be applied.)
③ Unless you explicitly refuse to accept the aforementioned modification within a set period, from the date of announcement or notification hereby to 7 days after the effective date, the company shall presume your consent thereto.
④ You can the Service Agreement by representing your refusal for this revised Comprehensive Terms of Service.
This Comprehensive Terms of Service remains in force from the date when you consent hereto until
the date when you withdraw therefrom in accordance with Article 13 of this Terms. provided,
however, that part of the provisions hereof may remain effective after the foregoing withdrawal.

Article 4. Additional Terms

Any matters that are not prescribed herein shall be pursuant to the relevant laws and regulations, or Operation Policies and Rules of Individual Services comprising part of the Comprehensive Service, Terms and Conditions of Sublevel Services in each Individual Service, and Gooroomee Operation Policy and Rules, etc. (hereinafter collectively, the "Guiding Principles") In case of any conflict arising between this Comprehensive Terms of Service and the Guiding Principles, the Latter shall be applied.

Chapter 2. The Comprehensive Service Agreement

Article 5. Formation of Agreement

The Gooroomee Account is required to subscribe to the Comprehensive Services Please create your
Gooroomee Account, unless you have one.
The Comprehensive Service Agreement shall come into effect at the moment when the Company
verifies and approves your Gooroomee Account Information after you consent to this
Comprehensive Terms of Service.

Article 6. Limitation of the Comprehensive Service Use

① Any applicant pursuant to the Article 5. shall be permitted in principle to sign up for the Comprehensive Service by the Company; Provided,however, that the company may withhold or refuse its approval thereof, if a case falls under any of the following subparagraphs. In particular, any user aged under 14 years can sign up for this Comprehensive Service only with consent of a legal representative (ex. parents).
Provided that you have attempted to sign up for the Comprehensive Service by using a third party’s name, email address or personal information.
Provided that there is no sufficient capacity to provide the Comprehensive Service.
Provided that any technical issue is detected in providing the Comprehensive Service.
Provided that the Company admits the financial or technical needs thereof.
Provided that any Member whose qualification has been suspended attempts to arbitrarily terminate and reuse the Comprehensive Service Agreement within the period of such regulatory measures
Provided that any attempt to contravene the relevant laws and regulations or Guiding Principles set forth by the company occurs
② Provided that you turn out to have signed up for the Comprehensive Service against the foregoing conditions, the Company may impose proper restrictions by immediately suspending use of the Comprehensive Service or deleting your Gooroomee Account.

Chapter 3. Use of the Comprehensive Services

Article 7. Provision of Diverse Services

① If this Comprehensive Terms of Service comes into existence, Gooroomee Service that constitute the Comprehensive Services shall be available at your convenience, and extra service agreement for an Individual Service is unnecessary.
② However, certain sub-level services constituting the Comprehensive Service shall be available only when members agree to separate terms and conditions and complete the authentication process set forth by the Company, such as entering additional information required, confirming a verification email/text message, or issuing a certificate, or the like.
③ You can terminate the use of individual or sub-level services that constitute the Comprehensive Services, utilizing features provided in the related Service page or menu. In this case, the record of relevant service uses or personal postings other than the information that should be restored for a certain period as prescribed in the relevant laws and regulations shall be deleted without delay; provided, however, that any posting uploaded by a third-party via clipping or sharing feature or any comment or posting added to other member's posting shall not be deleted. Please make sure that you have deleted the aforementioned postings before you leave the Service, and note that some posting shall be unable to be deleted due to related service/content properties. If any notice is separately transferred to inform that the reactivation of individual or sub-level service may be restricted for a certain period, please make sure that you have understood the possibility of time constraint in reusing the Service.
④ Termination of Individual Services or Sublevel Services under the foregoing provisions hereof shall be applicable only to such Individual Services or Sublevel Services, but to other services constituting part of the Comprehensive Services. If any user wishes to terminate the entire Comprehensive Services, he/she shall terminate the Comprehensive Service Agreement as prescribed in the Article 13 hereof.
⑤The company provides diverse Services that users can enjoy on the Internet or through their mobile devices, such as a community, bulletin board service, online contents provision service, video call service. You may download the Service from your smartphone and application store and install it on your PC or use it by accessing the relevant web page. The company offers the detailed instructions for use of each Service in the application store, the Q&A center for each Service, and the relevant guidelines and notifications. Please check them at any time.
⑥The company hereby grants you a personal, worldwide, non-assignable, non-exclusive and royalty-free license necessary for your use of Services. However, please assure that the company grant you no right to use the Company's trademarks and logos.
⑦ In order to improve level of the Service, the company may update software required to activate the Service. Such update contains functions of adding important features or removing insignificant features.
⑧In order to provide a better service, the company may publish in the Comprehensive Service, or send to your registered contacts various notifications, messages, advertising materials and other information with regard to your service use; Provided, however, that commercial information shall be transmitted only upon a receiver's prior consent.
⑨ If you encounter any system error while using the Service, please contact the Customer Center at any time.

Article 8. Modification, Suspend and Termination of Comprehensive Service

①The company exerts every effort to provide the Comprehensive Service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, parts or all of the Comprehensive Service may be restricted or suspended in any of the following circumstances:
Regular or temporary inspection needed for maintenance and repair of equipment used for the Comprehensive Service
Disruption of normal Comprehensive Service use due to blackouts, equipment failure and/or traffic overload.
Cases where parts or all of the Comprehensive Service can no longer be maintained due to changes in the Company's circumstances, such as the termination of a partnership agreement, government order/restrictions and/or changes in the Service/Member policies.
Other force majeure events, including natural disasters and national emergencies.
② Suspension of the Comprehensive Service that is due to any of the foregoing reasons shall be notified or announced in advance. Repeated logins and/or additional consent from users may be required when using Services in order to modify Services or policies seamlessly. However, prior notifications and announcements is not provided if the Service is suspended for reasons the Company is unable to predict or control (ex. Disc, server or system failure that is not due to the Company's negligence).   However, the company shall still make its utmost effort to immediately restore the Service once the cause is identified. If Service restoration is delayed for more than 2 hours, such delay shall be alerted through the Services' Notice and Gooroomee Customer Center Notice.

Article 9. Management of Postings

① If a posting contains any breaching content under the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. (hereinafter "the Act on Information and Communications Network"), the Copyright Act, and any other governing laws and/or regulations, the legitimate holder of right may request for suspension and deletion of such posting, and the Company shall take a necessary action under the relevant laws and regulations.
②If any cause that is deemed to constitute infringement or to breach other Policies and Guidelines of the company, the company may take tentative measures against such posting pursuant to the relevant laws and regulations even without any request from a rightful person.

Article 10. Attribution of Rights and Use of Work

① You can upload in the Comprehensive Service any contents including photos, texts, information, video, opinions or proposal on the Comprehensive Service or the company (hereinafter, the "Postings"). Any intellectual rights or copyright thereof naturally belongs to a rightful person.
② When you post any content within the Comprehensive Service, you are deemed to have granted the company a worldwide license to use, store, copy, modify, publicly transmit, display and distribute the content. The rights granted to the company hereunder shall be used only to operate, improve, and promote the Comprehensive Services, and to develop new services. They also include sub-licenses for other parties or users who have entered explicit service agreements with the company within the scope of the purposes specified above. In addition, the company and the company’s affiliates may use some of the posts for the purpose of the improvement the Comprehensive Services and R&D. Some individual services may offer methods to access and remove the content that you have provided. (However, some posting may be unable to be deleted due to relevant service/content properties.) Also, certain services provide the settings limiting the content scope that the company can use.
③ You should obtain essential rights to grant to the Company a license on any content that you have provided to the Company. For any matter caused thereby, the Content Publisher shall take the entire responsibility. Furthermore, you must not disclose or upload any contents that are lewd or violent, or against good social morals, public manners, laws and regulations.
④ The company may delete or reject any posting if deemed to be unjustifiable under the relevant laws and regulations, lewd, harmful to the Youth, discriminative, conflictive, impersonating and suffusing, and/or to fall under any of commercials, promotional materials, Spams, and other postings that attempt to transfer or transact one's Account; Provided that the company is in no duty to examine all of such contents herein. If your rights have been infringed by other person, please contact the Customer Center to request for suspension of such posting. For further standards and procedures thereon, you can refer to the Gooroomee Operation Policy.
⑤ Some contents that the Company has not retained may be displayed in the Comprehensive Service. For such contents, the providing entity shall solely take the entire responsibility. Even if you use the Comprehensive Service, it shall not be construed that you have any right for other person's contents. You must separately obtain a permission from such owner of the foregoing contents to utilize them.

Article 11. Use of Paid-Service

① Most of Individual Services that constitute the Comprehensive Services are provided free of charge, however, part of Sublevel Services in each Individual Service may be priced.
② If you use the company's Paid Service, you need pay for the fee. Payment methods provided by the Company may include mobile phone payment, credit card payment, telephone payment, account transfer, deposit without a bank note, electronic payment means, etc. Each Paid-Service may require a different payment method. In case of monthly payment, it will make every month, unless you suspend the use of relevant Service and request for cancellation of monthly payment.
③ The company may request for your additional personal information required to proceed payment, and you must such information in a precise and timely manner.
④Any matter that is not prescribed herein shall be stipulated in each Sublevel paid-service's terms and conditions in the Individual Services. In case of any conflicts between the content herein and any provisions of each Sublevel Service's Terms and Conditions, the Latter shall override this Comprehensive Terms of Service.
⑤ Terms and certain sub-level services provided in the Individual Service is as following subparagraphs.
A. Gooroom Shop in Camstudy
Purchase and Extinctive Prescription
A. Users can purchase Paid Gooroom in the Camstudy and use the Gooroom for products that can be bought by the Groom in the Gooroom Shop
B. The Extinctive Prescription of purchased Gooroom lasts for 5 years from the last charge or use date. Users can use the Gooroom within the Extinctive Prescription set forth by the company.
C. Users can use the purchased Paid Gooroom only in the users’ account and cannot lend or sell to third parties.
D. Users can transfer the Paid Gooroom to other users through the method set forth by the company and the company’s system. However, the transfer method set forth by the company can be modified or terminated.
A. The purchased Gooroom can be refundable without a separate commission within 7 days from the purchase date However, the Unpaid Gooroom will be excluded from the refund.
B. If users apply to the refund of the Paid Gooroom, necessary costs to pay the payment and balance can be charged as the commission, in case, the balance can be paid after deducting the commission
C. The company can limit the refund application if the commission surpasses the balance of Paid Gooroom.
D. If users cannot use the Gooroom due to natural disaster, defects in the Paid Gooroom, modified services and attributable reasons, the company fully pay the balance of Paid Gooroom. In this case, the company will not charge the refund commission to users.
E. Users can request refund for the unused Paid Gooroom to the comapny before 5 years from the charge date. The company will pay the 90% of the unused balance. However, the Unpaid Gooroom will be excluded.

Article 12. The Attentive Points and Methods to use the Comprehensive Service

① You can freely use the Comprehensive Services but shall be allowed to perform none of the following activities.
Enter false fact while subscribing or modifying the Service use; appropriate or unjustifiably use other's Gooroomee Account and Password; use other's name; or perform identity verification via text message (SMS) without consent of a registered person.
Copy, distribute or commercially utilize any information obtained from the Company's Service Information without prior consent of the Company.
Privately use any sound source obtained via downloading or streaming in the Service, or play such sound source in public or profit-making places including business sites, stores, etc.
Defame or impair other's reputation
Upload lewd materials on the notice board or connect (link) obscene sites
Infringe on the copyright or other rights of the company or third parties (including the activities that injure third parties' copyright, local and abroad, including any attempts to access the Service on purpose or by means and methods to deceive the company, even after the company has taken preventive measures to block IPs technically)
Post false information about the Company or any third party in the Service
Disseminate to others any information, sentence, figure, or voice against public order and/or good morals and manners
Register or circulate materials containing computer viruses that cause malfunction of equipment, and/or destroy or disrupt information, associated the Comprehensive Service
Transmit information that can interfere or impede a stable operation of Comprehensive Services in bad faith, or send commercial information or Spam Mail against recipients' explicit refusal or without their unambiguous consent
Copy, alter, distribute, sell, transfer, lend, secure or allow others to use the Service or part of software thereof without the Company's consent; and/or copy, disassemble, imitate or transform the Service including reverse-engineering of software aforementioned or any attempt to extract source code
Personate a false identity of other person and/or misrepresent the relationship with other person
Collect, store, disclose other user's personal information
Circulate false information to provide oneself or others with proprietary benefits or to damage others
Gamble properties or conduct speculation business
Circulate any information to arrange prostitution or mediate lewd act
Interfere other's daily life by having utterance, sound, writing or video clip arousing shame, revulsion or fear continuously reached to him/her
Transmit or publish any information (including computer program) prohibited by relevant laws and regulations
Upload a post, or transmit email or message by disguising or personating officer or administrator of the company or Partner companies or appropriating other's name
Post materials that contain software virus, other computer codes, files, or programs designed to disrupt or destroy the normal operation of computer software, hardware, and electronic communication devices; and/or transmit the foregoing materials via email or message
Harass other users by stalking, excessive filing of false or malevolent reports, etc.
Improperly use the Comprehensive Services (ex. Repeat unjust activities more than twice to withdraw the Comprehensive Services or Paid-Services within less than 1 month after signing up or purchasing such services).
Violate the existing laws and regulations, this Terms of Service, operation policies, and any other detailed service guidelines provided by the company
② Users shall neither transfer to other person nor put up as collateral any right or status hereunder.
③ As prescribed in the following subparagraphs, parts of the Comprehensive Services may be restricted to users of specific ages or status.
Users 19 years old or below (excluding users who turn 19 on January 1, and is applied herein) shall be prohibited from using any material declared "Harmful to Youths" under the Youth Protection Act and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.
Anyone 19 years old or above is allowed to use the foregoing "Harmful to Youths" only after his/her name, age and identity is verified as prescribed in the Youth Protection Act and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. Without such verification, the aforementioned services shall be restricted to use.
Use of all or portions of the Service below by users under the age of 19 is restricted for a specified period of time if requested by a legal representative or through consent by the user who is below 19 years of age.
If you fail to abide by relevant laws and regulations, all Terms and Conditions and/or Policies of the company, your contravention may be investigated, the posting in question may be continuously or temporarily deleted, the use of your entire account or Comprehensive Service or individual Services that constitutes the Comprehensive Service may be temporarily or continuously suspended, or re-subscription to the Comprehensive Service or re-use of some individual Services may be restricted by the company.  If you adversely affect the provision of Comprehensive Services or severely interfere with the stable operation of Comprehensive Services by causing malfunction of equipment or by destroying or creating disorder in the system, the Company may restrict you from using your account.  However, you can appeal through Customer Service if you are dissatisfied with the imposed restriction.
⑥ The Service Use shall be restricted temporarily or permanently, depending on the accumulated number of violation; provided, however, that lewd postings, gambling promotions, emergent risk or any explicit unlawful activities required to be prohibited under the relevant laws and regulations shall be restricted permanently without delay, regardless of the accumulated number of violation.
⑦ Any matters stipulated herein or other details on the use of Comprehensive Services are further elaborated in the Gooroomee Operation Policy

Article 13. Termination of the Service

① If you withdraw from the Gooroomee Account, the Comprehensive Service Agreement shall terminate automatically.
② You can apply for termination of this Service Agreement at any time in use of menu provided in the Service. The Company will take actions accordingly in a swift manner as prescribed under the relevant laws and regulations.
③ Upon termination of the Service Agreement, your information or postings other than any information that should be restored for a certain period of time as prescribed in the relevant laws and regulations and Privacy Policy, shall be deleted without delay;  Provided, however, that any posting uploaded by a third-party via sharing or clipping function, or any comment or posting that you have added to other user's postings shall not be deleted. Please make sure that you have deleted the foregoing postings before your withdrawal of the Service.
④ Any posting that has not been deleted under the foregoing provision shall be maintained in the Comprehensive Service within a necessary scope to provide normal service operation for other users.
⑤ Termination of Paid-Service Agreement shall be established upon your application and the Company's approval thereof. In case of refunded amount left, the Company shall process it accordingly; Provided, that each Terms and Conditions of Paid Service and/or the relevant Guiding Principles shall apply, if the both prescribe otherwise compared to this Comprehensive Terms of Service.
⑥ Unless you access some Individual Services for a certain period of time, the company may discard or separately store your information, or restrict all or part of such Services or all or part of functions thereof. For more information, please refer to the detailed guidelines of each Individual Service.
⑦ Even with termination of the Comprehensive Service Agreement, you can re-apply for the subscription thereof to the Company; Provided, however, that reapplication of the Service Use that has been restricted due to users' breach of relevant laws and regulations, the Comprehensive Terms of Service and/or detailed guidelines hereof shall be limited for a certain period of time. Furthermore, an immediate use of some Individual Services constituting part of the Comprehensive Service shall be restricted as prescribed in the Article 6.3., even after approval of reuse is obtained.

Article 14. Protection of Personal Information

The primary task of the Company is to securely process the Member's personal information. Such information shall be used to provide a seamless Service only within purpose and scope agreed between the Parties hereto. Unless the Members have made a separate consent, or except as otherwise prescribed in the relevant laws and regulations, the Company must not provide the Member's personal information, which the Members can rest assured. The Members can find which efforts the Company exerts to securely process their personal information in the Gooroomee Privacy Policy.

Chapter 4. Others

Article 15. Indemnification for Damage

① With regard to the Service, the Company must not assure or guarantee any specific matters that are not prescribed in this Comprehensive Terms of Service within the scope permitted under the relevant laws and regulations. The Company shall provide no warranty on credibility and accuracy of information, data and fact posted in the Service in a way that the Contents Provider (CP) offer or the Member write and shall take no responsibility for any loss occurred without the Company's negligence.
② The Company will compensate for any loss caused by its negligence, under this Comprehensive Terms of Service and the relevant laws and regulations; provided, however, that the Company shall take no responsibility for any loss occurred without its negligence as prescribed in the following subparagraphs. Furthermore, the Company shall take no liability for indirect, particular, consequential, disciplinary and punitive loss.
Any loss occurred in an uncontrollable state including natural disaster or equivalent force majeure.
Error in the Comprehensive Service due to reasons attributable to the Members
Personal loss arising from access to or use of the Comprehensive Service
Any loss originated from illegal access to or use of the company's Server by a third party
Any loss originated from impeded transmission to or from the Company's Server by a third party
Any loss originated from transmission or spread of malware by a third party
Any loss arising from use of the Service by a third-party including damage or defamation caused by omission, deletion, destruction, etc. of transmitted data
Any other loss arising from acts of the Company that are not intentional or negligent
③ The Company shall take responsibility neither for any loss of expected profit from the Service use, nor for any damage caused by data from the Service.
④ The company shall have no obligation to intervene in any conflict between you and a third-party regarding the Service and take no responsibility therefor.

Article 16. Protection of the Youth

Furthermore, the Comprehensive Service implements Youth Protection Policy to support for a safe Service use of the Youth and to protect them from any harmful information in the Internet space where people of all ages can access unconstrainedly. Any details hereof are prescribed in Youth Protection Policy.

Article 17 Dispute Settlement

This Comprehensive Terms of Service or the Comprehensive Service shall be stipulated and executed under the laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea. In case of any disputes arising out of or related to use of the Comprehensive Service between the Parties concerned, the Company shall faithfully consult with the other Party hereto to resolve such issues. Unless the foregoing conflicts are settled, the Company may file a lawsuit to a competent court under the Civil Procedure Act.
Announcement date: May 12, 2023
Effective Date: May 12, 2023