GOOROOMEE Watchparty Live Guide


Hello, Welcome to GOOROOMEE Watchparty Live!
Have you ever wanted to watch Youtube videos together in GOOROOMEE but unable to do it because none of your friends are online? Good news for you because our newest Watchparty Live feature allows you to watch Youtube videos together with other GOOROOMEE users who are online in real-time! Rather than watching Youtube alone, why don’t you try the fun of watching with people who share the same interest? Before you try, here are some of the basic information that you might need to know.
In GOOROOMEE Watchparty Live, anyone can open a room and pick a video that you want to stream as a host.
In GOOROOMEE Watchparty Live, participants who are not a host can add a video that they want watch only after the permisison is granted by the Host.
The maximum number of people allowed in the Watchparty Live room is 50.
GOOROOMEE Watchparty Live does not support video calls and voice conversations, only real-time chatting is available for now.

Please follow the guideline

GOOROOMEE Watchparty Live aims to help people to share interest and connect with like-minded people. All GOOROOMEE users are free to participate in Watchparty Live rooms to share their stories but required to follow our guidelines below to maintain a healthy community.
Based on the guidelines, anyone can report a user if they find such act harms the healthy atmosphere and safety of others in the room. If such action is found out, GOOROOMEE team can restrict their use of the service or take appropriate legal action without prior warning.
GOOROOMEE team will do our best to ensure everyone's safety and well being!

Things we prohibit in our room!

Adult material or content
Remarks that may implicitly implies adult content and unpleasant to others.
Pornographic or sexually explicit content.
Content that sexually harass other users.
Advertising, spam and false news
Pretending to be someone else.
Inaccurate or false information.
Unauthorized advertising and business activities.
Promoting violence, hate speech and other offensive remarks
Any remarks that may offend or insult others (e.g., swearing, sexual harassment, slander, etc.)
Content that is either implicitly or explicitly violent to others.
Any conversation or content that we considered inappropriate or harmful.
Remarks that undermine the reputation of others.
Hatred remarks that promote social prejudice and division.
Remarks that discriminate other users.


Action will be taken in accordance with GOOROOMEE internal regulations, depending on the level and severity of the action.
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